The Cause

The growth of children is the development of society. For homeless kids, this crisis has been there since the beginning of time and is continuously growing in today’s day and age. A child's education, wellness, safer environment, and overall growth can all be negatively impacted by homelessness.

After the age of 18 months, homeless children show severe developmental delays, which impact later behavioral and emotional issues. Toddlers who are homeless are frequently isolated from their parents, which can have long-term consequences. They are not as well-served as other toddlers. Homeless babies are more likely to be born with impaired immune systems and are more prone to suffer. Infants who are homeless are exposed to harmful environmental elements that affect their health. Homelessness has an impact on children's social, physical, and intellectual life by the time they reach school age. Because of the circumstances surrounding homelessness, the majority of children experience particular physical, psychological, and emotional harm.


We Take Action

Our Mission

We at MarketerzGo, take the initiative to generate a succour community for the innocent little life’s facing the world and its harsh setbacks on their own. We believe that it is our duty to step forward, and not just raise awareness, but take action too! We team up with various reliable organizations that deal with adolescents on the streets and donate 1% of the total revenue every quarter of a single year. We look for entities that build a life-affirming bridge for children, offer housing and support services, help those little lives with unconditional affection, unwavering respect, and unquestioning support, and are there 24/7 for the ones who truly are in need. We trust that the little we do today, will make the greatest impact tomorrow on the generations that are there to come.